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The Orc from Accounting

The Orc from Accounting by Leigh Miller is available to download for FREE - get your copy!

I've got a crush on the orc from Accounting. Jonah Greenwood. He's big, nerdy, and exactly my damn type. Well, he would be, if I'd only been able to work up the courage to ask him out at any point in the two years since I first met him.

It seems like a lost cause, but when he catches me checking him out in a Friday afternoon meeting, finds me after work in the parking lot, and accepts my absolutely reckless proposition for a no-strings hook-up, all bets are off.

Tropes: MF Romance, Monster Romance, Short & Spicy, Office Romance

Tags: He can scent her arousal, I really want to pay attention in this meeting but he's just so fucking hot, hookup to 'oh no, I caught feelings', More vibes less plot, Size difference, He talks her through it, FaceTime fun times, improper use of an office supply closet

Content Warnings: Explicit sexual content, Body image issues

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