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Demon's Bride

In a bargain between realms, the demon king only wants one thing — her.

The Witch
This must be a mistake. There’s no way the Goddess chose me to be a demon’s bride.

I barely have any magick, and certainly not enough to repair the bargain between witches and demons that’s kept both our realms stable for centuries.

But Eren is…nothing like I expected. Something about him calls to me. Tempts me. And he looks at me like no one else ever has, like I’m strong and worthy. Like he wants to keep me, cherish me…and sink those wicked, wicked fangs of his into me.

The Demon
Allison Hawthorn is mine. My fate. My bride. My mate.

Mine to keep.

The magick that witches have brought to the demon realm for centuries is failing, and as High King, it’s my responsibility to see it repaired. I just never expected…Allie. My soul recognizes her immediately, and in a life stained by grief, I’ve ached for her before I ever met her.

Now that she’s here I’ll do anything to protect her, even as the fast-failing bargain threatens both of our realms, and will separate us forever if we can’t figure out a way to renew the magick.

Tropes: M/F Romance, Fated Mates, Hero Falls First, Monster Romance

Tags: Soft monsters, fast burn, you know what happens if you run, a demon but also a wife guy, nobody believes in me but you, hand necklace, surrender your soul to me, demon bargains but make it sexy

Content Warnings: Explicit sexual content, Arranged/fated marriage, Consensual non-consent, Primal kink, Blood exchange/biting/fangs, Breeding kink (not resulting in pregnancy), Knotting, Brief internal body self-consciousness (no external fatphobia or shaming), Brief mild violence (not between MCs), Parental death (historical, non-graphic), Child death (historical, non-graphic)

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